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           Business adventures.                                      &                            Music realeses.

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Im Alfrun from Iceland.
I am a filmmaker with a passion for making music videos and I offer all kinds of advertisement videos and photography.
My Artist name is Alyria and I'm just starting to release music so check me out on spotify.
I have a passion for cosmetics, and I own a cosmetic company with my fiancé in Iceland called LovaIceland.


LovaIceland 2.png

Cosmetic company based in iceland

LovaIceland offers a variety of quality beauty and skin care products.

We have spent years perfecting our collection
to offer you the best possible quality.

Our products are made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free. 

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My music

Here you can see my first song release and video
in a duet with Bixxi. 

Video directed and edited by me & Song mixed & produced by Bixxi 

Here you can read all about the song and video in a beautiful article made by bongmines entertainment

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Here you can check out our second duet together.

Music videos

Check out my featured music videos directed and edited by me.